Our dedicated team of residential staff, essential Animal Technicians and volunteers have been keeping spirits high at the Animal Management Centre, where over 1200 animals reside across 200 different species.  

Across the Easter weekend, our ‘Conspiracy’ of critically endangered Black Lemurs tucked into their Easter-themed enrichment, including Easter egg boxes filled with a range of nutritious snacks 

Gary MillerAnimal Centre Head for Exotics at Sparsholt said “As a training resource for our students, we maintain a large collection of animals, everything from common pets like rabbits and guinea pigs, to endangered species like red pandas and lemurs usually only seen in zoos. All receive carefully balanced diets based on their nutritional needs, but in addition we try and make life as interesting as possible for them by offering them novel items.” 

The lemurs had a great time exploring and tucking into some tasty treats hidden inside the colourful boxes! 

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