What will I learn?

A practical and interactive workshop designed to help delegates understand the behaviours and attitudes that affect both the way customers perceive them and their effect upon the customer experience. This course also aims to show the different methods of communicating and how to use the most appropriate method to achieve positive results.

This one-day programme will:

  • Describe who your customers are, together with their needs and expectations
  • Outline the benefits of excellent customer service to your organisation, your team, yourselves and your customers
  • Identify positive behaviours and attitudes to ensure a positive customer experience
  • Explain the impact of first impressions and how to give a good first impression both face to face and over the telephone
  • Take ownership for dealing with difficult situations and diffusing potential complaints
  • Link all of the above to your organisation’s Customer Care Standards
  • Describe the different types of questioning and explain when to use each type to best effect
  • Outline the key aspects of ‘active listening’
  • List the 10 different aspects of non-verbal communication (body language) and explain the impact your body language can have on another person, understanding how you may then react to another person’s body language signals
  • Identify key aspects of effective telephone etiquette avoiding negativity
  • Describe how to close a telephone call leaving a positive impression
  • Explain how to deal with different types of caller in a calm and effective manner

    Entry Requirements

    This course is aimed at anyone who feels they need to improve their customer service skills.

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    Sparsholt College, SO21 2NF


    09:00 - 16:30