What will I learn?

Our City & Guilds Level 3 MIG Welding course will take your skills to the next level and gain a formal industry standard qualification.

The level 3 award qualification can be completed individually on plate or pipe, as well as bespoke requirements on different processes.

Suitable for those who have previously completed a Level 2 qualification or undertake welding in their jobs with previous welding experience, this course will cover

  • Producing a butt weld in the horizontal and overhead positions
  • Producing a tee fillet weld in the horizontal position
  • Producing a tee fillet weld in the overhead position
  • Producing an outside corner weld in the overhead position
  • Factors that influence weld quality and Health and Safety and process requirements relevant to welding

    The City and Guilds Level 3 course takes the skills gained from the Introduction to Welding course (welding in the horizontal position) and the level two (welding in the vertical position) and progresses to full positional welding overhead.

    The level 3 plate qualification allows advancement to specialist pipe welding.

    Please note that learners need to bring safety boots, fire retardant overalls and their own set of welding gauntlets to the course. The latter are available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Welding-Leather-Gaunlets-Resistant-Welders/dp/B00E62CMAE/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=welding+gloves&qid=1593510261&sr=8-5

    Where will it lead me?

    The level 3 plate qualification allows advancement to specialist pipe welding.

    Entry Requirements

    Learners will either need to have a Level 2 welding qualification or extensive industry experience before joining this training. Learners may be asked to attend a test weld and interview before they are accepted on the course.

    Please Note

    Due to funding restrictions this course is not available to existing full time Sparsholt College/Andover College students aged 16, 17 or 18 (or 19-24 with an EHCP) on the 31/8 in the year they started their course.

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    Sparsholt College, SO21 2NF


    13:30 - 17:30