Level 2 Forestry
“Sparsholt is a really nice place to study. The classmates and staff are friendly and there are so many facilities here. The best part about being at Sparsholt is getting hands-on with the practical, land-based studies. You can learn in the classroom, however, you can’t put this into practice until you’ve actually done it. For example, when driving a tractor, you get a real idea for what it feels like, rather than a simulation.
I’ve met a wide range of people from different industries and have learnt so much. I am hoping to get a job as a countryside ranger so I can use my skills from different aspects of my course, linking them together to enable me to undertake a number of jobs.
My greatest memory from Sparsholt will be meeting so many great people. Before I studied here, I was a very nervous person, however I have gained more confidence through my friends and it’s a very enjoyable place to be.”

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