Level 3 Fishery Management 

Future Plans: My dream job would be a river keeper keeper on one of the southern chalk streams 

“I chose Sparsholt College because of its great location and huge reputation – it has produced most of the big names in riverkeeping and in fish farming.

I found the course to be very educational, very fun and very interactive. My tutors are really supportive and if I need any help they are always there to give it to me. By attending all practical visits off site I have met a lot of riverkeepers in their working environment and with Sparsholt’s reputation being so strong, industry links to jobs and large companies are very good.

I have learnt many skills such as tractor driving, using electro fishing kit, water testing and water quality requirements which I can take into the workplace and use in job situations. The best bit of equipment we’ve used is probably the electro fishing kits – we have been taught how to use them safely and effectively on rivers and stillwaters to take surveys of fish stocks.

I have also enjoyed living on site with friends that have become very close to me, learning about subjects we are very passionate about that will help me in the workplace when I leave. My work placement was on a big estate with large coarse fishing lakes and a small shoot so this gave me a wide range of tasks and great opportunities to learn new skills. My dream job would be a river keeper on one of the southern chalk streams.”

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