VuePoint Solutions Ltd is an award winning company, specialising in providing energy trading companies with the software they need to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for the power and gas market. They recruited Alan Watts as an IT Apprentice two years ago, and he has since progressed from a Level 2 to Level 3 programme at the College and developed his role within the company. He is relishing learning new skills and responsibilities in his role as a software developer.

On what attracted him to apply for an Apprenticeship position, Alan says: “It was the fact that I could stay in education and progress my skills at the same time, and get paid for it.”

Alan had studied at Andover College previously and comments: “The lecturers at College really went out of their way to help me achieve more. I found the work/College balance relatively easy and we use the same computer programmes, which really helps.

“Since starting my Apprenticeship, I’ve taken on more responsibility and tasks at work and developed new skills. I’m a software developer so need to interact with external suppliers as well as colleagues. My most recent achievement is working on a redesign of the company’s website. It’s really varied work.”

“The College encouraged me to progress. I have regular visits from my Apprentice Liaison Officer and Assessor. They are very helpful, keeping track of my progress and helping to set goals and targets. It’s been a great opportunity for me.”