Amanda loves being outdoors and looking after the environment. She chose an apprenticeship to “get the practical skills and knowledge I need to get ahead, as well as a standout reference when applying for a job.”

She describes her employer, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust as “Amazing – they have deep knowledge of environmental management practices such as coppicing and a practical, hands-on approach throughout their mixed range of sites.”

Amanda is proud of what she’s achieved so far – “I have had many proud moments like getting my chainsaw licence, learning and remembering Latin names of tree and plants species and making my very own ash rake using a range of equipment and methods. I know there will be plenty more proud moments to come as there is so much to learn.”

“I’m in a group of four apprentices so we can also learn from each other. The Trust have a number of sites allowing us to work in different environments every day and have great links to other organisations and conservation trusts.”

In the future Amanda would like to return to where she grew up and work on the white cliffs of Dover as a wildlife ranger.

“I would recommend this apprenticeship without any hesitation!”


Jamie, Solent & Isle of Wight Reserves Manager, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Amanda is part of a second cohort of apprentices who are being funded through a landscape partnership based Heritage Lottery Fund project. Jamie explains “It was identified that there was a lack of skilled workers in Isle of Wight woodlands so a project was developed to create the next generation of woodland workers and focus on training up local young people through apprenticeships.”

It’s made a positive impact on the organisation as well as the apprentices themselves, with Jamie saying “It has been a wonderful experience watching the young people develop over their apprenticeships. The combination of on the job training, academic studies and external training creates a skilled staff member relatively quickly, which helps deliver the work and objectives of the organisation.”

When asked about advice for other employers, Jamie feels that “It is important to plan and also to research what is required of a modern apprentice.”

He would recommend the experience to others, “If managed well you end up with a skilled employee that understands your company’s ways of working. It’s a very rewarding process.”