Edward Cheeseman is a Horticulture Apprentice at Green Smile, a successful garden maintenance company.

Edward says: “I’ve learnt so much about dealing with customers and business skills. I’ve got a lot more confidence now. It’s reassuring knowing I can contact the College if I ever have a problem. The College day is planned out really well; we know what’s going to happen and what we’ll be working on.

“We’re a small team and work really well together. We have fun as well as getting the work done. I enjoy putting my new knowledge of plants to use and I learn something new every day.”

Green Smile

Steve Postle is a Company Director at Green Smile, who commenced employing Apprentices in 2013. Having seen the impact on productivity, Steve has recruited three Horticulture Apprentices so far and wants to employ more.

Steve says: “Apprentices bring a young, positive attitude to work; communication levels have improved and it’s a lot more sociable now.

“We had support from the College all the way through. The College takes a leading role in the initial selection process which is a big time saver for us. We get regular visits from the College’s Assessor and can pick up the phone at any time. Once you’ve set up the basics, the process is really simple.”