Zoe is an Agricultural apprentice working at Chisbury Lane Farm. She chose to become an apprentice because she preferred to be outside and learn on the job rather than in a classroom and worked hard to ensure she left school with GCSEs that enabled her to start an apprenticeship at Level 3. An Agricultural apprenticeship specifically appealed to her because farming was something she has always been interested in.

She heard about apprenticeships from the careers advice at school. Zoe said “At school I undertook a week’s work experience at a dairy farm and as a result they then offered me an apprenticeship.”

Zoe said: “I am particularly proud to have trained a young sheep dog to work sheep myself! After my apprenticeship I would like to have a career in agriculture, have my own flock of sheep or potentially travel and work abroad in agriculture.”

When asked would she recommend am apprenticeship she said: “If you are very interested in a subject and prefer a practical approach than an apprenticeship is great!”