Current FdSc Marine Ecology and Conservation student

Coming to Sparsholt was one of the best decisions I had ever made, as my desire to be outdoors was fulfilled by the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Wildlife Conservation and Countryside Management. There was the perfect balance between class work and practical work which you won’t find at most other colleges and it was the perfect stepping stone to the Marine Ecology and Conservation course that I am on now.

When I saw the FdSc Marine Ecology and Conservation degree advert in the College prospectus I was delighted that I would be able to direct my studies to something that was specific to my career aspirations. The lecturers at Sparsholt are incredible and as I near the end of my first academic year I realise how far I have come.

I have had so much fun getting stuck in with practical work and I have spent time with the Sea Watch Foundation, a national charity which dedicate their time and effort to the conservation of cetaceans in British and Irish waters. I have Sparsholt College to thank for the amazing opportunities made possible by their industry connections. I am immensely proud to be a Sparsholt student.

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