We’ve invested heavily in our motor vehicle and engineering department with brand new, state of the art workshops and classrooms. Working in these facilities and with our team of expert lecturers you will gain real industry experience giving you a jump start in your career or onto higher level study.

Explore our Motor Vehicle Engineering facilities below:

  • Our Motor Vehicle Engineering Centre opened in 2014, and three brand new workshops to help students develop and learn. Fitted with equipment found in industry-standard garages and motor shops, Motor Vehicle Engineering students at Sparsholt College are trained ready to step easily into their dream career.

    With enough space to fit five cars in each workshop, students are able to get stuck in with the finer details of their practical work. The fully equipped tool cages are packed with equipment for students to use, and there’s even a viewing gallery for students to watch practical sessions taking place.

    Large panels along the exterior walls are able to open fully, providing a cool and comfortable environment for practical sessions. There is also plenty of parking space surrounding the building for vehicles currently being worked on by students, and a washing station for vehicles outside.

    The Engineering Centre has been designed to minimise the environmental impact as much as possible.

    An 18,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank has been buried under the yard to the rear of the new building. Water collected from the roof is used to flush toilets within the building and provide water for vehicle washing outside.

    100m of PV panels have been installed on the South facing slope of the workshop roof, to convert sunlight into electricity. The 15kW(p) system produces around 15,300kWh of electricity per year, with any surplus energy exported for use around the College.

    Three wind catchers installed on the roof of the classroom block provide fresh air to the classroom and office spaces through natural ventilation, without using fans or air conditioning.

  • To ensure our Motor Vehicle Engineering students gain as much experience to prepare for their careers, Sparsholt College has invested in a wide range of vehicles for students to work with. This ensures no matter what sector of the Motor Vehicle Engineering industry they choose to move into, they have hands-on experience to evidence their skill.

    Alongside the average car, students also have access to a fleet of Go-Karts, a Rally car, Landrovers and Discovery’s for off-road projects, and a dual-control car. The dual-control car can also be used by students learning basic driving techniques.

  • Our state-of-the-art Engineering Centre is fully equipped with equipment found in garages across the Motor Vehicle industry.

    Vehicle ramps have been fitted to allow students to see and work on car bodies from underneath, with equipment such as diagnostic testing kits. Tyre fitting and balancing equipment is available, alongside wheel alignments kits for an in-depth understanding of tyre safety. Across the three workshops, there are also fully equipped tool kit cages for students to utilise.