The partnership between Sparsholt College and the University of Portsmouth has been deemed fit to continue for another 6 years.

The ‘meat’ of the reports from the Periodic Partnership & Programme Review includes:

  • Strengths
  • Conditions – what has to be done
  • Recommendations – what we need to consider


Strengths, especially noted on Jan 22nd 2014 (Animal Management, Behaviour, Veterinary Nursing and Equine):

  • Employability skill development which is integrated and evidenced throughout the programmes.
    The balance and quality of academic and industrial experience of staff and commitment to professional development
  • Students value the role of staff in supporting their learning and development
  • Excellent engagement in the use of Moodle as a learning resource
  • Extensive, effective and proactive student engagement in enhancing quality.


Even though these were noted at the first event, they were also voiced following the 2nd event Strengths, especially noted on Jan 28th 2014 (Ecology/Conservation/Wildlife, Fish and Garden Design)

  • The College is clearly responsive to feedback received from the external examiners, students
    and the University
  • Clear evidence of critical and evaluative reviews of the provision to enhance the student experience
  • Wide breadth of curriculum to reflect the complex and diverse sector areas
  • Having practitioners on the teaching team is clearly advantageous to students
  • There is a good balance between vocational and applied areas underpinned by a solid academic foundation
  • Differences between learner profiles (e.g. young/mature) are recognised and strategies are developed and employed to address different needs of learners.


We had a few conditions, one in particular which will affect BSc dissertations in future:

  • Make explicit the need for, and process of, ethical review