The Force for Good garden is made up of three sections: SurvivingStability and Support. Each section was inspired by conversations between students and veterans supported by Help for Heroes. The garden shows the recovery process of military personnel and Veterans affected by service.


The Force for Good RHS Chelsea garden



The position and group of plants here show disorientation and conflicting emotions. Sounds of white noise and spiky plants will immerse visitors with a sense of chaos and confusion. Features in the garden create barriers, obstructions and dead ends. This reflects the mental state those supported by Help for Heroes may experience before they enter recovery.



This section exhibits nature activities undertaken at the four nationwide Help for Heroes Recovery Centres. The garden focuses on two in particularly: crop production and horticultural skills. Birdsong and sounds of the great outdoors accompany this part of the garden. The listener should feel soothed and grounded by this backdrop to symbolise this stage of recovery.



Planting and landscaping creates places that encourage wellbeing. We show this with a still pool and seating. These elements represent the ongoing support Help for Heroes provides. Accompanying the view is a symphonic piece of music, composed especially for Help for Heroes. The music creates a sense of achievement and a feeling that anything is possible.