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Animal Management Centre

The College has a purpose-built Animal Management Centre, which continues to expand and grow to meet rising expectations and standards of animal welfare. Recent developments include a range of new facilities for small mammals and extensive renovation of our reptile and amphibian housing.

The large number of species accommodated within the animal collection enables students to develop handling and husbandry techniques with animals typically found within the animal management industry.


Veterinary Nursing Centre

Our Veterinary Nursing Centre is accredited to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and is used by them for veterinary nursing examination purposes.

The facility is equipped to represent a contemporary veterinary practice which allows our students to gain realistic experience in a work setting. Our students are able to use these facilities to relate their theory work to relevant practical elements of their future careers.

We’re a current member of the Pet Industry Federation. Membership of the Federation is a hallmark of quality and demonstrates the high standard at which we practice.