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Our working farm is set within 126 hectares of Hampshire countryside, as well as a further 134 hectares at another site. This provides a real work environment for training and skills development. There are a number of farm units that operate on a commercial basis and students undertake regular farm duties as part of their course.

The Agriculture facilities are also a key resource for research and dissertation projects on-site for our higher education students studying Agriculture at University Centre Sparsholt. Find out more about our undergraduate courses here.

Involvement of students with the College Farm enterprises ensures that students benefit in the following ways:

Active participation in routine livestock duties

Experience is gained in the commercial functions associated with care and management of livestock units. Students are supervised by well-trained, experienced farm staff. As well as the basic husbandry the students are able to build on a whole range of useful skills including time-keeping, motivation, diligence and attention to detail.

Livestock and fieldwork demonstrations under the supervision of staff 

Aspects of animal welfare, routine veterinary tasks, weighing of stock and the use farm machinery form the basics of linking practice with theory. The pig unit, calf rearing unit and sheep flock provide valuable opportunities for hands-on experience with the support of staff. The livestock units support programmes of practical instruction for animal management courses, as well as the agriculture courses.

Practical facilities linked to environmental management, countryside skills and woodland management

The estate provides the opportunity to demonstrate conservation and management practice whilst providing hands-on practice and an abundance of investigative assignment opportunities.

Data and information for lessons and assignments 

Farming, managing the countryside and recording the information generated gives rise to invaluable material for both staff and students. The College Farm operates an open book approach to all aspects of its commercial farming, providing a wealth of invaluable live data for both staff and students.

Take a look at the key areas that make up the College Farm: