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Our working farm is set within 126 hectares of Hampshire countryside, as well as a further 134 hectares at another site. This provides a real work environment for training and skills development. There are a number of farm units that operate on a commercial basis and students undertake regular farm duties as part of their course.

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  • Sheep and Lamb Production

    The sheep flock comprises 260 breeding ewes, with students being involved in their handling, husbandry, sheering and management.

  • Pig Unit

    The indoor pig unit meets the highest welfare standards and houses 130 breeding mainly pedigree sows, boars, and their offspring, who are all reared for bacon. Artificial insemination is used to bring in new genetics, and we rear all our own replacement sows and boars. This enables students to get involved in all aspects of indoor pig breeding, production, handling and management.

  • Dairy and Beef unit

    Our 100 pedigree Holstein cows are milked in a three-sided Fulwood Tribone parlour using the latest technology and bulk milk storage. Students are involved in the grassland management, cattle husbandry, management and milking activities. The livestock are fed on forage crops grown on the farm and the grazing land. Students get involved in all aspects of beef production including rearing diary replacements.

  • Arable Production

    Hampshire is predominantly arable county, and students develop machinery and cultivation skills as a core strand of their course. This includes skills development on the farm home, but also on neighbouring farms to provide a breadth of experience. Students have the opportunity to train in various aspects of machinery maintenance.

    With its own Farm Office students learn about the records and financial data concerning the physical and financial performance of the farm. Under Countryside Stewardship, there is a well-developed conservation programme designed to sustain and improve wildlife habitats on the farms and estate. 

  • Machinery Workshops

    The College has a brand new purpose built industry standard agricultural engineering workshop. This adds to the other specialist workshops already in use covering areas such as welding and fabrication, machinery diagnostics and maintenance. Students have the opportunity to work on and investigate a wide range of tractors and other large and small land-based machinery.