Access to Higher Education  

“I worked on a fish farm for a little while and wanted to study a degree in the subject but wanted to boost my academic background beforehand. So I did the Access course, went straight on to the Foundation Degree in Sports Fisheries and Aquaculture course and felt boosted straight away.

The Access course covers all forms of science, plus practical work as well. We did fisheries, animal management and equine work, as well as an introduction to business. You get the option to do a work placement for up to a month and I chose one at a koi carp farm. The degree lecturers helped me get the placement through their great industry links and it was brilliant – I’m still in touch with them now.

The facilities are brilliant. For the fisheries work we used the Aquatic Research and Conservation Centre and the Salmonid Rearing and Trials Centre, getting used to the equipment, the filters and handling the fish.

If you’re considering the Access course, I would say do it! It’s a year but it doesn’t feel like a year and if you’re unsure of which degree you want to go on to, it will help you make your mind up. The transition from the Access course to the degree is really smooth and you feel one step ahead.”

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