Photos by Emma Skirrow

The Equine degree students recently visited Mongolia on a study tour. Whilst there, the students learned about the traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people, and the close links they have with horses. The horses there are semi-feral, and roam the vast Mongolian steppes in large herds.

The group rode through the steppes on these horses, to the edge of the Gobi desert, living the traditional lifestyle of a nomadic family. This included riding on partially wooden saddles for long periods of time, visiting families in their Gers (Mongolian version of a yurt) and learning about the long history of the country, including their most famous leader Chinngis Kahn (Genghis Kahn).

We were also offered a number of the traditional delicacies such as fermented mares milk, which certainly is an acquired taste.

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