The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual nationwide survey conducted in the summer term for students finishing Higher Education courses. Surveys can be a bit of a blunt tool and people, in general, regard them as a bit of a chore. But surveys, especially one as big as the NSS, do provide statistical evidence of what works in a College or University – and what doesn’t.

Sparsholt College is very proud of the way our students take an active role in the quality life of the College and our survey results below show that students are equally proud of the educational opportunities provided here. Our graduating students rated us with an overall satisfaction rate of 87% which puts us up at the top of Higher Education providers in the UK.

But we aren’t complacent. Our 76% score for organisation may be better than most colleges, but if we could ‘fix’ whatever isn’t working right, our overall score would be phenomenal. We discussed just this in the recent HE Student Council meeting and will be working with you and the student council to get this right.

The teaching on my course:     Sparsholt 91     (All Colleges 85)
Assessment and feedback:     Sparsholt 81     (All Colleges 78)
Academic support:     Sparsholt 86     (All Colleges 82)
Organisation and management:     Sparsholt 76     (All Colleges 73)
Learning resources:     Sparsholt 87     (All Colleges 76)
Personal development:     Sparsholt 84      (All Colleges 82)
Overall satisfaction:     Sparsholt 87     (All Colleges 81)