Craig Welsby – Level 3 Conservation and Wildlife Management 

I am hoping to develop a career in wildlife conservation and felt this course would provide a good foundation in the knowledge and skills required, covering the practical skills needed in habitat management and teaching the basic ecology that underpins them. It has also provided me with practical training and the opportunity to obtain C&G qualifications in the use of essential machinery, such as chainsaws, brush-cutters and ATVs.

I’ve really enjoyed making new friends and sharing their enthusiasm for conservation, as well as learning new skills and concepts and being able to apply these in the field. Whenever I visit a new place, the first question I now ask myself is why it looks the way it does, and how it would change if it wasn’t managed! I also enjoyed the location of Sparsholt which allows students to experience some of the habitats they study within the College estate and take advantage of this by going for walks in free time.

For me, the highlight of the course was the final year trip to the Cairngorms National Park which allowed us to experience montane habitat.

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