Current FdSc Animal Management and Applied Science and former Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management student

I’ve always wanted to work with animals, and often spent my spare time researching all I could about dogs. The chance to study the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management at Sparsholt, with its prestigious reputation, was perfect for me. I really enjoyed the practical lessons which made learning easier and I found all the teachers so friendly and extremely supportive. Sparsholt encouraged me to pursue a growing passion of mine, fancy rats (Rattus norvegicus), and so I started working with Blaize Rattery and Rescue which has allowed me to see different aspects of the pet trade.

Having enjoyed my Level 3 course so much, I decided to stay on at Sparsholt and progress on to the FdSc Animal Management and Applied Science course to gain as much knowledge about animals before moving on to work. A positive of the course is the variety of people on it who all bring their own knowledge and experience to the class; it makes for some outstanding discussions! The relatively small class sizes allow the teachers to interact with students individually.

After my FdSc, I am planning to continue further at Sparsholt and do a part-time top-up BSc (Hons) course in Animal Behaviour. I would say that my four years at Sparsholt have been well spent and I don’t think any other college or university could have provided me with everything Sparsholt has to offer.

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