BSc (Hons) Animal Management graduate and marine conservation worker

I gave up a very successful career in cardiac nursing to pursue my dream of working with animals. I decided to undertake the BSc (Hons) Animal Management Degree at Sparsholt because it provided a thorough grounding in all aspects, which was ideal as I was not sure of exactly what I wanted to do within the animal industry.

The course offered many opportunities to develop a variety of practical skills, due to the specialist facilities. The fully-equipped laboratories enabled an array of analytical techniques to be practised and the on-site Animal Management Centre provided opportunities to enhance animal handling and husbandry practices. A particular highlight of Sparsholt is that it holds a zoo licence and houses an array of exotic species, as well as farm and companion animals, and includes specialist herptile and nocturnal facilities.

What I particularly liked about the course was the work placement each year, which you could tailor to your own interests. This enabled me to explore the diversity of the animal industry and provided some unforgettable experiences, including working on a game reserve in South Africa, at a seal research and rehabilitation centre in Holland and as a gorilla keeper.

The teaching staff were all extremely knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and the small class sizes meant that the lectures were interactive and had a personal feel to them. The academic and personal support provided by my tutors was exemplary, allowing me to achieve my full potential. For example, my final year dissertation project has recently been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The skills, knowledge and experiences gained during my time at Sparsholt have enabled my dream to become reality, as I now work as a Wildlife Officer for ORCA .

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