Last weekend, the RSPCA chose the Animal Management Centre (AMC) at Sparsholt College to film a series of reptile care videos. One of the classrooms was cleverly converted into a living room set complete with lighting and cameras.

Experts from the RSPCA as well as Frances Baines, a vet who specialises in ultraviolet light and reptiles, covered the basic care of four commonly kept species. The animals were the real stars of the show with leopard geckos, bearded dragons, corn snakes and royal pythons all being featured.

In addition to the studio filming, the crew filmed extensively in our state of the art reptile facility where animals enjoy captive environments that replicate the wild in many ways.

To have the RSPCA select the College for this important work affirms the long association between the two organisations. The RSPCA are very happy with the outcome of the filming, describing the location as “perfect”. Reptile instructor Ross Miller was on hand throughout the process to support the filming process and made a valuable contribution to the huge success of this venture.