The AHWRC team at Sparsholt College and University Centre Sparsholt are thrilled to introduce the newest members of our animal residents – the Corsac Foxes (Vulpes corsac). Arriving earlier this academic year from Hamerton Zoological Park, these adorable foxes are already making themselves at home in their new environment. 

Native to Northern and Central Asia, the Corsac Fox is a fascinating species known for its adaptability and intelligence. As opportunistic omnivores, they have a varied diet that includes meats, eggs, insects, and root vegetables. However, it seems that they have a particular fondness for meat, as they’ve shown a preference for it during their time at Sparsholt.  

Currently, they can be found nestled among the logs in the enclosure opposite Sparsholt’s Red Panda habitat. While they are not yet on student display, they’re gradually getting accustomed to their surroundings and building confidence around people. 

In the coming weeks, the Sparsholt team are excited to start introducing them to student groups. This will provide an excellent opportunity for students to participate in their care, learn about their behaviour, and contribute to our ongoing efforts in animal husbandry. 

Find out more about Animal Management Courses at Sparsholt College or Degree Courses at University Centre Sparsholt at our next open evening. Wednesday 1 May (5.30 – 7.30pm), book in advance via the links.