At Sparsholt College and University Centre Sparsholt, the Animal Health and Welfare Research Centre was a hive of activity for Halloween, as Sparsholt students and Technicians prepared some Halloween-themed pumpkin enrichment activities for the resident animals!

From Sparsholt’s resident exotic species like the ring-tailed lemur and Zebu, to the rats, ferrets and rabbits, it was great to see all the different species interacting with some spooky treats, and exploring their newly decorated enclosures.

Some of the pumpkins were also carved by the talented Technicians at Sparsholt’s BIAZA licensed Animal Health and Welfare Research Centre, alongside students who have signed up to volunteer at these facilities over the half term break. Volunteering opportunities offered to our students across the Sparsholt campus give students extra experience to help with their future studies and careers.

Over 600 animals across over 100 different species reside at Sparsholt’s countryside campus – everything from common pets like rabbits and guinea pigs, to endangered species like red panda and lemurs usually only seen in zoos. All receive carefully balanced diets based on their nutritional needs, with additional novel items to act as enrichment to make life as interesting as possible for them – in this case Halloween pumpkins!

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