Sparsholt Expert

Sparsholt Expert


I have always been interested in plants and their arrangement and work closely with outside organisations, such as Plant Heritage, the RHS and the National Trust, to promote their use. Since 1998, I have coordinated the College’s display for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show; results include seven Gold medals and four ‘Best in Category’ awards.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the most famous show of its kind and whether an experienced high-profile designer or those embarking on their horticulture career, it is an incredible and career enhancing experience.

This is the culmination of two years’ study for our students, requiring them to draw on all of their advanced technical skills and experience. Our purpose at Sparsholt is to train the next generation of horticulturists and what greater start to their careers then having their work showcased at such a prestigious international show

Student Profiles

Student Profiles


My fascination with horticulture started from an earlier age as I took part in walks through parks and woodlands. Even then I wanted to learn more about the world around me and was keen to find ways to bring that information into people’s lives.

With horticulture being such a large industry I find that I discover a new potential career every week, but it’s really botanical gardens and bringing my passion for plants to more people which is where I see my future lying.

I’m really looking forward to getting to RHS Chelsea Flower Show and meeting lots of like-minded plant lovers. It will be great to see the very latest designs and see all the news ideas coming into the industry.


It was only two and a half years ago when I started a vegetable patch in the back garden that my interest in horticulture first developed. Just growing things at home was a bit of an awakening when I realised I prefer to grow and work with plants over other things.

Being at Sparsholt has taught me many things, from being an amateur home gardener to acquiring professional skills. I have learned many techniques and professional competencies such as plant notification and am now ready to seek a career in the industry.

For me, exhibiting at RHS Chelsea marks the end of my journey.  A couple of years ago I was watching the show on TV and now I’m exhibiting there!


I started growing vegetables from the age of ten years old but it wasn’t until attending an Open Day at Sparsholt College in Year 10, that I realised I could study and ultimately work in the industry.

I have a general passion for horticulture but I still particularly enjoy propagation and growing vegetables. From a work perspective I’m keen to develop and forge a career in the conservation side of the sector.

When I’m up at RHS Chelsea I’m looking forward to hearing the publics’ opinion on various aspects of horticulture but above all else I really hope I get to meet my all-time horticulture hero Monty Don!


I left school not really knowing what I wanted to do professionally but still had the idea of starting up a landscape design business. Following an Open Day at the College I decided on horticulture and would now either like to work for the RHS, the National Trust of John Lewis farms at Leckford.

At Sparsholt I’ve learned there is so much more to Horticulture than I ever imagined which is great because it opens up so many opportunities for career and leisure. The most important thing for me though is to do something I love and enjoy, and so that is horticulture.

I can’t wait to see the show gardens and other exhibitors at RHS Chelsea and to be part of the world’s most famous flower show. I can’t believe I’ll be part of a team exhibiting there!


I’ve been involved in horticulture since I left school, first starting out gardening before moving on to landscaping and then on to tree surgery.

I then decided I needed to go back to college in order to formalise all my knowledge and experience and I’m now really enjoying learning about the science side of horticulture.

Ultimately I am looking to go into garden design and construction and am also considering taking a teaching qualification to teach gardening to disabled children.

I’m on the construction team for Chelsea and because it’s such a prestigious event, we need to ensure we get it right! It will mean an awful lot to be at the show and I’m looking forward to developing some contacts and seeing where the opportunities are.


About three and a half years ago I got a part-time job doing garden maintenance which I really enjoyed, so decided to study horticulture and see where it took me.

It’s been great here at Sparsholt.  I’ve enjoyed the course and am keen to now focus on the construction side of the industry as I am planning to work for a garden design company. I therefore need to develop my skills and experience before ultimately opening up my own business in two to three year’s time.

RHS Chelsea will be an amazing experience and having the show under my belt will be a great opportunity. I can’t wait to see all the different gardens, layouts, plants and designs.


I developed a passion for horticulture from my grandad as we used to work together in his garden. From there I took it up as a hobby at home, progressed to having an allotment then decided to do the Level 3 Horticulture course.

I now need to hone down which aspect of the industry I’d like to work in – hard landscaping or garden design. I’m hoping some work experience will help crystalise this decision.

After Sparsholt the plan is to work in a nursery where I can increase my plant knowledge and then will look to work for a landscaping company with a view to ultimately starting my own business.

I’m really looking forward to RHS Chelsea to see what the professionals have come up with. It’s been a really great experience just being part of the team.


I was inspired by my Nan from the age of 10 to take an interest in horticulture, as she grew vegetables and flowers at home and I used to really enjoy helping her in the garden.

At the age of 23 I decided on a career change, as I was keen to develop my passion for gardens and plants and turn that passion into a career. I would ultimately like to work abroad in countries such as Africa to help re-build their agricultural land.

With regard to RHS Chelsea I’m just really looking forward to the experience, learning more about plants, being inspired and meeting like-minded people.