Adam North

I chose to become an apprentice because I felt it offered a more hands-on approach to the job.  With an Apprenticeship you get to learn as you go and develop your practical skills as well as your theory.  I found out about the Apprenticeship scheme through a previous college course and past work experience within a veterinary practice.  This led to a part-time job as a receptionist, then a full-time nursing assistant position and I am now a trainee veterinary nurse.

I am allocated time at work to undertake my college-based work which I also do in my spare time as this is something I am passionate about and want to further my learning and understanding.  I am most proud of how I have been able to develop my practical skills within the practice.  In the future I would like to gain experience in exotic veterinary nursing and travel round the world working as a veterinary nurse.

I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship because it gives you a skill and a qualification you can use throughout your career within your chosen profession.  You do have to be very committed to really achieve your goal but it is worth it.

Katherine Vine Grad Dip, PCVN, RVN, CC, CSQP, PHC

Head Veterinary Nurse, Companion Care Andover

I trained as an apprentice myself so have experience of both sides of the scheme.   Adam spends one day a week at Sparsholt College then the rest of the week in practice.  It is an efficient way of training staff and developing both theory and practical experience at the same time.  This helps with progression and development, making apprentices a key member of the team.