Emily Owton

I decided to undertake an Apprenticeship in my family butchers to help further my knowledge and skills and in doing so it has also given me much more confidence in dealing with the general public.  I found out about the Apprenticeship through working full-time at the butchers and it was they who offered me the chance.  I have acquired more technical skills in preparing meat such as boning and rolling a leg of lamb and producing rump steak cuts.  The Apprenticeship has definitely made me better at my job. I made sure I completed lots of coursework at Sparsholt knowing that I could get help if I needed it and managed to meet deadlines.

I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship as it is a good way to make sure you are learning new skills every day and working towards goals set by the College.  I found it very good for keeping me focused, getting an evidence trail of all the things I can do and at the end I get a qualification as well.

John Harding

Managing Director, Owton’s Family Butchers

Emily was one of our first apprentices and we now have five.  There is a skills shortage in the butchery trade, with very few young people considering it as a career.  Having an apprentice is a great way to find young talent and give them a chance to learn the trade whilst earning a wage.  Having an apprentice has also helped to improve our staffing levels and has had a positive effect on our existing staff who enjoy passing on their knowledge.  As a result of the Apprenticeship Emily became very confident and found that she had a flair for dealing with front of house.

I would encourage employers to take on an apprentice, particularly if you have a team that can take the time to work with them and ensure they are given every opportunity to progress their learning within the trade.  Their peers are our customers of the future so they will know what younger generations are looking for and can bring some great ideas into your business.